Rumble time in Alton: DOT: It’s my way on the highway
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Folks in Alton seem to think the message to them from the state Deptartment of Transportation is one of β€œit’s my way AND the highway.” Only in this case, the highway is Route 28 through their town, not a major road.

The issue is rumble strips, which the state installed in 2016 but then partially removed under political pressure from Concord, namely from then-state Sen. Jeannie Forrester. But Forrester has left the building and the Republicans have lost control of the Legislature, leaving senators like Jeb Bradley and James Gray looking a bit like hitchhikers, not drivers.

The DOT position is that rumble strips, which cause vibration and noise, save lives. They have the statistics to prove it β€” a 44% decrease in head-on-crashes on rural roads with center-line rumble strips and a 36% decline where rumble strips are placed along the road shoulder.

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