Most liberal voting: Where’s the ‘suppression,’ Jeanne?
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Credit our former colleague John DiStaso with a nice job of exposing the hypocrisy behind U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s latest political stunt. Shaheen asked a bunch of Democratic presidential hopefuls to sign her petition opposing a New Hampshire “voter suppression” law.

That would be the law, set to take effect this year, that actually requires people who vote in New Hampshire to reside in New Hampshire.

DiStaso, now with WMUR-TV, took a look at the voting laws in the states where Shaheen’s would-be signers live. Sure enough, none of them are as liberal as is New Hampshire when it comes to voting law. Only New Hampshire allows election-day registration, allows voting without a required photo ID, and has no requirement that you live here for a certain length of time.
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