Red-tailed hawk bill resurrected
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The students gasped as the red-tailed hawk was revealed from within its crate, the children startled by the flapping wings of one of New Hampshire’s apex predators.

The young hawk was recovering from being struck by a car on the highway, but falconer Jane Kelly told students at Lincoln Akerman School Monday he could soon be back to soaring the skies. Resilience, she said, is just one quality students could cite when they go back to the Statehouse this year asking lawmakers to name the red-tailed hawk the state raptor.

“You should come in and say you’re going to persevere like the red-tailed hawk,” Kelly told the students, who had their first bill to name the state raptor shot down four years ago. “We want to be like the red-tailed hawk. We want to soar, and we want to be known, and we want to be seen.”

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