Your Turn, NH: Sen. Ruth Ward — Rejecting charter school grant sends wrong message
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THE JOINT Legislative Fiscal Committee recently made the decision to turn down a $46 million federal grant designated for non-traditional, innovative New Hampshire public schools. This confusing decision has left many parents (especially parents of children with disabilities) and pro-education activists asking why they would turn down this much-needed influx of federal money.

The backlash against this action has sent the political spin-masters into overdrive and unfortunately this has amounted to a tremendous amount of misinformation.

Opponents of the grant have attempted to confuse the issue by inferring that the money will be given to private charter schools and pushing the faulty narrative that the grant will actually cost taxpayers money — they claim “tens of millions of dollars over the next 10 years.” Both claims rest on analyses done by a biased advocacy group known as “Reaching Higher Ed NH,” and digging into those works, it becomes apparent that their analysis is highly flawed.

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