School choice for the rich: Killing tax credit hurts the poor
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(HB 362, which would end the Education Tax Credit, appears dead for this session. But it will no doubt resurface. Excellent points on the subject were made recently in a Bow Times editorial by Publisher Chuck Douglas. Excerpts follow.)

The repeal of the ETC would help force students attending a non-public school or being home educated to attend public school.

As Bow’s Dominic Lucente observed:

“If this bill passes the sponsors will tear into low and moderate income families that are trying to do the best for their children’s education. If this bill passes it will eliminate the tax education credit that helps fund this program. This wonderful program allows families that cannot afford private schooling to have that opportunity. Even more disturbing is the fact that 30 percent of the recipients of these funds are non-white families. It would be very hard to find another bill in New Hampshire that so blatantly attacks minorities.”
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