Roads trump tracks: The pack for the punch is clear
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A retired highway engineer from Concord makes an excellent point in a recent column in New Hampshire Business Review. Dick Lemieux outlines the multi-faceted importance of our streets and highways as compared to the commuter rail that enthusiasts are still trying to get the public to pay for.

Our streets and highways accommodate multiple forms of travel, not just cars and trucks but buses, carpools, bicycles and walking. “Not to mention,” he adds, “that roads are also conduits for transporting drinking water, storm water, electricity…”

Roads are, in fact, the lifeblood of our commerce and daily lives. Those who use them pay for them in hefty taxes. Lemieux notes that if passenger rail met even the most rosy of ridership projections here, it would increase its share of overall personal travel to 0.041 percent. And yet the train scheme doesn’t include taxing train passengers.

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