Another View: Robert Stoker — Medicare-for-All is not smart for New Hampshire
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I’VE WORKED IN health care in New Hampshire nearly my entire professional life, which awards me a unique perspective on the single-payer health-care system that is being proposed under various names, including Medicare-for-All.

My health-care experience includes public and private businesses, nonprofits and most importantly, as a patient with a rare disease that depends on Medicare and private insurance.

I understand the current health insurance system is flawed and needs to be improved. That’s why we should work together to fix the problem, rather than uprooting the entire health-care system and trying to start over from scratch. To think that a one-size-fits-all approach will solve the health-care issues that plague the system today is both nearsighted and overly simplistic for an industry that makes up 20 percent of our economy.

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