In unanimous vote, Senate votes to take Keno out of ‘kenogarten’
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The New Hampshire Senate voted unanimously to extract Keno from full-day kindergarten funding Thursday, in a rebuke of one of Gov. Chris Sununu’s major legislative victories of 2017.

In short fashion, and with little discussion, the body chamber came together behind Senate Bill 266, opting to direct Keno revenues to school building aid instead. The bill would instead make the state pay schools the full adequacy amount for full-time kindergartners, treating them as equal to students in other grades.

Operated by the state Lottery Commission, Keno is a small-dollar, bingo-like screen game in which contestants bet on numbers displayed on machines in bars and restaurants. It was authorized in New Hampshire as a way to help fund a portion of the cost of full-day kindergarten, after decades in which the state only paid schools for a half day of instruction.

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