Rep. Dick Hinch: House Session Marred By Rushed, Heavy-handed Policy
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Just a few months ago in December, Rep. Stephen Shurtleff won the election for House speaker, and I wished my friend the best. He accepted his nomination by saying that, “it’s important to put partisanship aside to work for the common good of our people…” I couldn’t agree more. Government works best when parties work together to produce the best policies possible for our state. However, Republicans have been extremely disappointed by how the opposite has occurred. This session has been marred by disorganization, partisanship, and rushed, heavy-handed policy.

Not too long ago, we had one of the most unfavorable business tax climates in the nation. Through Republican efforts to reduce rates, and reform other areas of tax law, we felt we made improvements. Business tax revenue has outperformed estimates, and contributed to surpluses in the last two state budgets. Most people would view this as a successful outcome. But not Democrats. Immediately, we saw a bill to repeal those business tax reforms, and a bill to introduce a new tax on capital gains. The economy is doing great in many parts of our state, and Republicans would like to encourage that to continue and spread. These Democrat initiatives propose to siphon over $240 million out of our economy over the next two years.

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