Don’t say no to $46 million in charter school money
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As a parent and board member at MC2 Charter School in Keene, I was disappointed to learn that Democrats on the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee want to reject a $46 million education grant from the federal government.

Like the thousands of charter parents across the country, my husband and I had a hard time finding a traditional public school that had the inclusive curriculum and support for my daughter to be successful. I was elated to find MC2 — an educational organization that focuses heavily on experimental learning and allows students the freedom learn in-school and in their community settings. The school’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that learning can happen everywhere. During their year-round program, that cycles between 10 weeks of school enrollment and three weeks of out-of-school time, students are required to have internships that meet twice weekly. At the end of their quarterly internship, students must give a presentation to advisors and parents about their program and connect their real-life experiences to their classroom curriculum.

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