Rochester woman still fighting for Trump flag
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Kay Keenan was ready last week to concede her bid to fly her Trump 2020 flag from outside her Rochester Housing Authority apartment.

She even took it down for a few days and hung it in her window. But by Sunday, after talking with an attorney who agreed to help her pro bono, the flag was back in its spot.

As Foster’s previously reported, a property manager at RHA on July 8 removed Keenan’s President Donald Trump campaign flag from where it flew outside her door, rolled it up and left her a note saying she had received complaints note and requested that she not put the flag back up. The property manager did not remove Keenan’s U.S. flag nearby. Keenan appealed the RHA’s ruling and returned the Trump flag while she waited for a decision. She removed it again last week after she met with RHA officials last Wednesday.

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