Opioid overdose deaths dip in Nashua
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American Medical Response reports that Nashua opioid overdose deaths are down 12 percent in the last 365 days.

In February, there were 22 opioid related overdoses, and there were two confirmed opioid deaths, with two deaths pending toxicology confirmation. In 2019, there have been 47 opioid overdoses in the city, and there have been four opioid related deaths in Nashua with two pending toxicology year-to-date.

Although the situation seems to be improving in Nashua, there is much more to do. To that end, officials at Revive Recovery Center are considering and expansion. However, Revive Program Director Jess Parnell said the pool of certified recovery support workers (CRSWs) in New Hampshire needs to expand, as well.

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