Airbnb dispute headed to NH Supreme Court
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The Supreme Court should affirm a lower court order, and the city’s two cease-and-desist orders, all barring Barbara Jenny and Matthew Beebe from using their “Lilac House” as a short-term rental, the city argues.

In a 33-page brief to the Supreme Court, the city asks it to answer two questions. The first is whether use of the Lilac House as a short-term rental, in a general residence district, is “a prohibited transient occupancy.” The second question is whether the city’s applicable ordinance is constitutional, as applied to the couple.

Last June, Rockingham County Superior Court Judge Andrew Schulman published an order stating Jenny and Beebe cannot lawfully operate their second, adjacent home as a short-term rental property through Airbnb, upholding the city’s two prior cease-and-desist orders.

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